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Darcy Alkerton

     Darcy is a happily married family man with 2 children. His business work area ranges from Kingston to Ottawa in Eastern Ontario. He has been a licensed Ontario trapper for the past 25 years. As part of his professional training, Darcy earned a Professional degree in animal control at the Furtakers Of America College.   When rabies first entered the province of Ontario thru the city of Prescott, he organized the Eastern Ontario Trappers Association for the rabies prevention program initiated by the Ontario government. Darcy was also selected to trap wild turkeys for Ontario's wildlife redistribution program. He became so efficient at catching the wild turkeys that the provincial government recently recognized him as Canada's best wild turkey catcher and has awarded Darcy with a plaque of merit. He has also been selected by the provincial government to catch and remove nuisance black bears in Eastern Ontario and is also the canine control officer for the city of Prescott and the township of Augusta. Some of Darcy's customers include the provincial and federal governments, local municipalities, several local communities, private industry and residential customers. Some of Darcy's other achievements include catching more than 750 beavers in 2 years and over 1000 muskrats in one year. Darcy also humanely traps raccoons, bats, squirrels, birds, pigeons, skunks, weasels, fox, coyotes and many other wild nuisance animals. Because of his top notch trapping skills, Darcy has been selected by the Belisle Trap Company of Quebec to travel to Australia to teach trapping strategies. Darcy recently spent 11 days in Australia teaching the trappers there proper trapping techniques and has made many new friends. His business employs a trained crew of wildlife control specialists. He is also a member in good standing of the Ontario nuisance wildlife control association and the Ontario society for the prevention of the cruelty of animals. If you would like to ask Darcy a question or have a problem with nuisance wildlife you can contact Darcy by sending him an e-mail at [email protected]

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