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In order to design the ideal wildlife caller, we first had to define the requirements of wildlife calling. After 16 years of exhaustive research, we determined there were three basic considerations that must be met in order to build the ideal wildlife caller. First is the aural (hearing) sensitivity of the individual animals and their ability to discriminate between the subtle differences (details) of a given sound. We researched published research in this area and also conducted our own studies. We found that most animals can aurally differentiate or discriminate between the smallest details of a sound. The lesson learned from these studies is quite apparent. If you're not using high quality sounds (studio grade quality) when calling animals, your chances of success are diminished. 
    The second consideration was to integrate a state-of-the-art, solid-state digital audio system capable of reproducing each animal sound as accurately as possible. The sound system we use is controlled by software, just like a computer. This software control gives the product reliability and versatility that is unmatched in the wildlife caller industry. 
     The third consideration is volume. Thru our research we have also discovered that most animals, when listening to a sound, perceive the distance between their position and the sound source by the volume of the sound source. Extreme volume creates territorial aggression with most predators when using the sound of the species you are trying to call. Our wildlife caller is the only caller you can buy that is guaranteed to trigger responses (territorial howling) from coyotes 100% of the time at night providing they are in the calling area. Imagine being able to locate predators first and then call them. That's
just one of the reasons why more professional wildlife callers choose our systems over our competitor's products.

Mighty Atom specifications

• All-weather capability. Our systems are used from the Alaskan tundra to the plains of Africa.

Electrical specifications:
Signal to noise ratio-
96 dB
Dynamic range-106 dB
Sampling rate- Up to 96Khz 24 bit
The audio signal chain is completely digital from the digital audio files to the digital amplifier at the end of the processing chain. Audio of this quality is usually only found in professional equipment. We set the sampling freq. and bit depth to match
the speaker capability of our systems.

Compact design. Just a speaker and transmitter. Weight: 7.2 pounds

The MA series produces ear shattering volume while maintaining crystal clear sound. It is 3 to 5 times louder than any known wildlife caller.

Power requirements: 12 to 16 volts dc.

The battery will last approx. 50% longer with the new digital amplifier.
•One step operation. Just turn on the power switch and you're ready to go.

• The system can store 1000 different sounds simultaneously. Our sounds have been digitally recorded from wild animals and are studio grade quality.

The user can stop play, play, pause, change volume or switch from one sound to another and back instantly. The user can also assign 10 different sounds to favorite  keys using only  the transmitter, set the transmitter's go to sleep time and also change the transmitter's  ID to any of seven different ID channels including a master channel to control all wildlife callers in range.

Whether you play a sound one time or one million times, the sound quality will always be
CD quality.

WT, the best electronics, the best sounds and the best technical advice for 30 years running.

  Why Wildlife Technologies is the best in this business 

  1-The first, and still the only company in this industry
  to design CD quality, solid state digital wildlife callers.
  2-The first, and still the only company in this industry to
  digitally record their own studio grade wildlife sound library.
  3-The best
sound recordings in the industry.
  4-The best sound reproduction system in the industry
  5-The best
remote control in the industry.              
  6-The loudest and best sounding wildlife caller in the industry.
  7-The best customer relations in the industry.
  8-The best network of wildlife experts in the industry.
  9-The best technical support in the industry.
10-The most
testimonials on web site in the industry
(with many more to follow).

                                         Designed and engineered in the US and Germany
                                         A state-of-the-art no compromise wildlife caller

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Calling Wildlife
There are three fundamental rules you must follow if you want to consistently call wildlife:
1. The recorded animal vocalizations must be almost identical to the animal's own sound 
(studio-grade recordings).
2. The system playing the sounds must be capable of electronically reproducing those sounds as 
perfectly as possible. The system must also be capable of controlling the play functions stop, play, 
pause, volume and change sounds instantly.
3. The wildlife calling system must be capable of producing extreme volume to create an illusion of 
presence which will trigger a territorial response from the predator and cause the predator to focus 
on the sound and not the user.
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