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We offer true digital audio quality playback devices specially designed for outdoor use. We also boast the world's largest library of studio-grade recordings of North American mammals, owls, hawks, falcons, eagles and other birds. All vocalizations were digitally recorded and digitally processed (DDD). With our tools, you will get closer to the animals than ever before. Whether you're a hunter, a photographer, a birder, a wildlife biologist or a naturalist, our product will significantly increase your chances of viewing success. 

Who we are
We are a group of digital engineers who actively participate in wildlife calling. We were frustrated with the ineffectual and obsolete technology used in today's typical wildlife caller, so we decided to bring wildlife calling into the 21st century by integrating solid state audio equipment and digitally recording the largest library of CD-quality North American mammal and bird sounds in the world. With our knowledge of electronics and animal vocalizations, you will receive the most accurate information you can find anywhere. 

Some of our customers include
Disney, Motorola, Soundelux, Warner Brothers, Giant International, USDA Federal Trappers, State employed ADC trappers, US Forest Service, Professional ADC workers, US Geological Survey, Canadian Wildlife Service, Australia Zoological Agency, Australia Department of Parks and Wildlife, Zoo's in the US and abroad, UK DNR, Canadian DNR, landfills in the US and Canada, hunting lodge owners, hunters, photographers, biologists, and nature watchers worldwide.


Displayed below is a historical timeline of our embedded CD quality digital audio products. All of our designs shown below are in direct proportion (size) to each other. 

1995: Developed the first CD quality embedded audio board in North America. 16 bit DSP processor. 1998: Second generation. 16 bit DSP processor. 2 mega bytes storage. 2002: Third generation. Up to 2 gigabytes of removable storage. 2004: Fourth generation. Up to 4 gigabytes of storage. 2006: Fifth generation. Up to 8 gigabytes of storage. 2008: Sixth generation. Up to 16 gigabytes of storage.

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• Our history  
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• Products "The Mighty Atom" (The MA-MAX comes with 126 preloaded sounds) ***NEW***
   The largest and best quality wildlife sound library in this industry matched with state of the art German technology and ear shattering volume.
• Wildlife Technologies versus FoxPro
   Review the facts and watch the video's to see and hear the differences yourself.
• Master sound list
   An extensive list of available sounds from our archives.
• The Northeastern Coyote

Click here to see high quality pictures of the largest coyote in North America.
Meet our German partners
View pictures of our German partners and see pictures of Europe. 
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• Wildlife calling tutorials on DVD

  The best wildlife DVD's in the industry.
• Gary Strader. Our resident predator expert.
  The most successful coyote hunter and trapper we know.
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Of places we visit and film across North America (More than 700 pictures).
• Trail Camera Pictures
Trail camera pictures from our cameras. (More than 3200 pictures).
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Pictures of wildlife we call and film up close and personal.
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Bobcat 1 Bobcat 2 Bobcat 3 Coyote 1 Coyote 2 Coyote 3 Coyote 4 Coyote 5
Bobcat 4 Bobcat 5 Bobcat 6 Coyote 6 Coyote 7 Coyote 8 Coyote 9 Coyote 10
           Coyote 11    
  Night video   Day video   Night video   Night video
Gray fox 1  Gray fox 2  Gray fox 3 Moose 1   Owl 1    Raccoon 1 
Gray fox 4 Gray fox 5 Gray fox 6 Moose 2 Owl 2 Raccoon 2
Moose 3 Owl 3 Raccoon 3

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